British Values

This guide was commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation (ETF) and created to support English teachers to explore effective approaches to embedding British Values work within English teaching, learning and assessment. The guide covers English teaching and learning from Entry Level to A Level, and is supplemented by a toolbox of resources and exemplar session plan for each level.

In order to develop the guide and resources, we took a participatory approach, seeking input from colleagues from across Further Education who embody the diverse, dynamic nature of English teaching within our sector. At each stage, practitioners supported us to create, trial and revise our materials, helping us develop a guide to embedding British Values that supports English teachers, and a selection of resources and materials that can be contextualised and adapted for learners. In essence, the process of developing the guide and exemplar resources became an action research project, where we were able to problematize, critically analyse and develop evidence-informed ideas for how British Values work can be embedded within FE learners’ English work.

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