Cluster 14

Curriculum Approaches to Improve Engagement and Embedding

Paul Stych (mentor)

It was an absolute pleasure to work with two such contrasting institutes that were both aiming to improve the learner experience around the themes of engagement and embedding. These are such highly common issues for many and yet they remain complex to solve, with all institutes having slightly different needs. Both these projects looked to tackle their particular situations by working with the learners directly on the themes and shift some of the ownership onto them.

Springboard worked at using learner led activities, giving much more choice within the activities carried out and how the learning was undertaken.  Whilst TCHC used videos made directly in the workplace and with the learner’s centre stage carrying out normal work duties, to create greater awareness of the numeracy skills being used.

Raising Learner Participation: Springboard Sunderland Trust

Using learner led activities; both outdoor and project based, with learners undertaking a recovery curriculum, our research aimed to develop an element of learner ownership, for their personal learning and their target setting.

Embedding maths: TCHC Group / All Trades Training Ltd

The aim of this project was to help learners and learning coaches to identify where maths is naturally embedded within the workplace. This is one of the areas of development identified by Ofsted during our last inspection.

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right).

Access their full reports below.

Raising Learner Participation

Springboard Sunderland Trust

Project Number: 30

Embedding maths

TCHC Group / All Trades Training Ltd

Project Number: 31

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