Cluster 5

Using digital technology to engage learners

Dianne Robinson (mentor)

I have been extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work on such exciting action research projects. Although sharing a similar common theme, that of “Exploring new approaches to engage learners” they have differing target audiences, activities and contexts. Their findings proved to be both enlightening and invaluable to the post 16 sector.

Teaching in 2020/21 saw unprecedented challenges with the pandemic, lockdown, TAGS and remote learning – any hurdles were met with a positive attitude and a readiness to re-think plans if needed,

All three Project Leads commented on how much they valued the opportunity to review their practices and share their findings both within and beyond their organisation. They participated in disseminating not only during the OTLA events but more widely at Regional Networks in addition to publications in local and national newspapers such as Times Educational Supplement.

I valued the time I spent with all three Project Leads who demonstrated boundless enthusiasm, a high degree of professionalism and most importantly of all a deep commitment to help their learners to improve.

Interpretation of Performed Text: Grantham College

The aim of this project was to explore the benefits of providing GCSE English resit learners with video recordings of dramatised readings of extracts taken from 19th century literature and to provide insights into how such recorded performances could improve learners’ understanding and enjoyment of written texts.

Flipped Learning: Leicester College

This project aimed to embrace flipped learning in GCSE English to make our students more independent learners and to improve the learning experience.

Reading Influencer: Northampton College

This project was a collaboration between English teachers, academic coaches and vocational staff to boost the reading confidence of GCSE English Language students using audio extracts. It enhanced English teaching methodology, had a proven impact on student reading ages, highlighted a focus on reading and brought together college staff from a number of disciplines.

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right).

Access their full reports below.

Interpretation of Performed Text

Grantham College

Project Number: 9a

Flipped Learning

Leicester College

Project Number: 9b

Reading Influencer

Northampton College

Project Number: 9c

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