Are the courses accredited?

Yes, the Level 5 ‘Developing Subject Knowledge and Pedagogy (GCSE English Language/ Maths)’ courses can be accredited by Ascentis. (We also offer unaccredited courses as CPD, with completion certificates issued by the Education and Training Foundation.)

Can I do the courses on-line?

Most of our courses can be accessed flexibly and are blended in their approach. We offer face-to-face sessions, 1:1 tutorials and meetings, group work on-line and  asynchronous self access activities as part of this blend. We do offer some courses completely online (our Level 3 Awards in Literacy/ language or Numeracy for English/ Maths Teachers’) and we will offer the same approach for our Level 5 courses coming in 2017.

How do I pay for the courses?

Payments must be made to Claire Collins Consultancy. You/ your organisation will be invoiced. For our unaccredited Level 5 GCSE English Language/ Maths courses, payment must be made to the Education and Training Foundation, for which you/ your organisation will be invoiced.

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