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This is the course page for your Level 3 English reading workshop. You can follow the links below to access the resources you need for this session.
Please have your Personal progress record and a copy of the L3 Criteria & Scaling document to hand as you work through the session. Don’t forget, to use/ add to your collaborative glossary where relevant.

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R1 How do ‘good readers’ read?

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R2a – Generic features of texts

R2b – The health care worker

R3a Texts

R3b Analysing texts

Go to R2, which is a shared ‘google doc’. Click here to access this in another window.
You will be allocated one text to analyse and make notes on:

  • What kind of text is it? (e.g. story, letter)
  • What aspects of the layout, structure, lexis, syntax and grammar affected your decision about its text type?

Don’t forget to check your glossary if you are unsure what any of the terms mean.

R4 Metalanguage flashcards