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This is the course page for your Level 3 English writing workshop. You can follow the links below to access the resources you need for this session.
Please have your Personal progress record to hand as you work through these activities. Don’t forget, to use/ add to your collaborative glossary where relevant.

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R1 Writing/ Design Processes

R2 What type of planner are you?

Download the ‘inchworm or grasshopper?’ quiz here and do this during your break.

R3 – Text types and style/ content conventions

R4 Textual cohesion

Do you think texts A and B below are cohesive? If not, why not?
Text A
I am applying for a B.Ed. course because I was a teacher in Nigeria and I would like to continue that career in this country. Since I came to England five years ago I have worked as a volunteer in a community school in Camberwell on Saturdays, teaching English to children from the ages of 7 to 16. In Nigeria I studied education with English as my teaching subject. I very much enjoyed my six years teaching upper primary children and gained a great deal of satisfaction when I saw the children respond and understand the things I taught. As well as working in the community school, I help out at my Church, both with the Sunday school and with the Choir. The English part of my degree course covered English language and English literature written by English and African writers. Now I have my own children, whom I teach daily at home.
Text B
My work experience in the head office of The Pizza Palace gave me experience of office practice in this country. As part of my work experience I developed a database of regular customers, and I then trained the other staff in how to use it. These other people were very nice. This showed me how IT skills are used practically in business, and helped me develop my interpersonal skills. I enjoyed working in a food-related industry and I learned a range of new skills.

R5 Back referencing

You are going to do a ‘back referencing’ task, to heighten your awareness of how writers use this technique for textual cohesion.
Go to the Google Doc, which can be accessed here. You will see some parts of the text underlined. Please use comments to show back references in and what they are referencing back to.

R6 and R7 Proofreading

You are going to do a ‘proofreading’ task, so you can apply some of the ideas we’ve covered in this session to an example and your own writing.
Access the proofreading checklist here. This is a collaborative document, designed for you to add and share additional ideas if you wish to.
The proofreading task can be downloaded here (for you to do individually).

R8 Standardised English