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Welcome to your Level 3 maths induction workshop. You can follow the links below to access the resources you need for this session. During this course, we will ask you to work through the indicative content for the course and tick aspects that you cover as an aide memoire. This will also help you identify any development areas you have as you progress, which we will support you to work on.

Session PowerPoint

The PowerPoint link for this session is below:
Induction workshop online Feb18 v2

R1 Factors that can impact on mathematical progress

R2 Matching formulae and words

Download R2 matching cards. Look at the matching sets – could you match them? Print them off and try, with someone else if possible.

R3 Cumulative Frequency

Download and complete R3 Cumulative Frequency.

R4 Proportional reasoning

Download/ open R4 Proportional reasoning and assess the sample pieces of work on proportion.
Correct the work and think of feedback to give to the learner, identifying and explaining errors that have been made and how the solution strategies can be improved.

R5 Shapes

R6 Standard form

Look at the data in the table in R6 Standard Form.
Now print off and cut out the cards – can you match the pairs again?

R7 Substitutions

Complete the missing columns in R7 Substitutions.

R8 Trigonometry

Use a calculator to fill in the table in R8 Trigonometry.  Test any observations you may make from your results.

R9 Understanding mean, median, mode & range

Print out and cut up the cards in R9 Understanding mean, median, mode & range. There are 2 sets of cards – Bar charts and Stats.

  • Try to match pairs of cards.  You will notice that some of the Stats cards have gaps on them and one of the Bar charts cards is blank.  Try to work out what these blanks should be.
  • How do you know that particular cards match?

R14 Packing Chocolates