Level 5 GCSE English – Session 1

Course Introduction


This session will introduce you to the course structure and content.  It also sets the scene for the rest of the course by exploring what it means for practitioners to work with young adults (16 – 19) who are re-taking GCSE English Language and/or adult learners who have not studied English for some time and/or have other barriers to learning English.

Session Outcomes

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Understand the contents and structure of the course you teach
  • Self-evaluate your GCSE English knowledge and pedagogical understanding. (5.1)
  • Understand some of the issues raised by the increase in learners retaking GCSE English
  • Analyse factors that might have disengaged GCSE English learners. (1.1)
  • Get to know your peers on this course

Session 1 PowerPoint slides

Here is Claire’s facilitator PowerPoint presentation for session 1:

Session Padlet

Here is the Padlet for this session.

Post-session tasks to finish off this session

  • Read R6 the Behavioural Research Centre report: Retention and Success in Maths and English
  • Read R3 the Niace Report: Engaging learners in GCSE maths and English, 2015
  • Read R5 Caution-Praise can be dangerous by Carol Dweck

NB all readings are linked or downloadable from the session Padlet at the top of this page

Activities to prepare for the next session

All course materials were developed as part of an ETF programme by ccConsultancy and they both should be acknowledged if any material is used on other projects.