Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Maths) Learning Outcomes

Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Maths) are one day courses to support mathematics learning and development. We offer a menu of courses including:

  • Early Years
  • Early Years and Health and Social Care
  • Land Based Studies
  • Open context (for practitioners from a range of different vocational areas
  • Joint English and maths (half day open context English, half day open context maths)*

Target audience

Practitioners working in the further education and skills sector who are employed by a SFA-funded organisation.

  • Vocational lecturers
  • Workplace trainers
  • Assessors
  • Learning support assistants


  • Develop your personal maths & maths teaching skills and confidence
  • Self-assess your personal maths skills
  • Develop key mathematical ideas relevant to the learners you work with
  • Explore strategies for engaging learners
  • Explore appropriate mathematical learning resources for your subject


Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Maths) are blended-learning programmes. Participants will undertake and/or access:

  • a (confidential) self-assessment of their own Maths abilities and confidence;
  • signposting to online learning to develop their personal Maths
  • a short pre-session task;
  • a full day with other vocational practitioners in their area, developing skills and confidence to support learners’ Maths learning; and
  • a national forum to share ideas and approaches.

On the day

Maths full day outline – Early Years example

Time Activity
9.30 – 10.00 Arriving
10.00 – 10.25 Introduction (5 mins)
Human graphs (10 mins)
Pick a number (10 mins)
10.25 – 11.15 Thinking about a positive learning experience (15 mins)
Picturing the maths in Early Years – what maths are the adults doing (15 mins)
Picturing the maths in Early Years – what maths are the children doing and how are the adults supporting them? (15 mins)
Creating an upward spiral – effective ways of teaching maths. (10 mins)
Mathematical resilience and drawing it all together (15 mins)
11.15 – 11.30 Play National Numeracy video as people return from break
11.30 – 1.00 Evaluating statements about number operations (25 mins)
Into pairs using algebraic statements (5 mins)
Fermi tasks: Jelly beans (25 mins)
Into pairs using shapes and names (5 mins)
Math puzzle (25 mins)
1.00 Lunch – think of a top tip, good resource, problem you want answering.
Gap minder video as people return from lunch
2.00 – 2.25 Hopping (10 mins)
Making sense of the data (15 mins)
2.25 – 2.50 The problem page
Top tip
Recommend a resource
2.50 – 3.15 The Great Elf Game (25 mins)
3.15 – 3.40 Looking at the resources and extending and adapting – making into a Fermi task or a game.
3.40 – 4.00 Review Day
Wool activity