Level 3 Award in Mathematics for Numeracy Teaching

The course has been designed to meet the criteria for the Level 3 Award in Mathematics for Numeracy Teaching. Although the focus is on personal skill development, whenever possible and / or relevant, reference will be made to teaching approaches – in particular the teaching of functional maths and GCSE.

For example, can you:

  • Manipulate and calculate squares, square roots and indices?
  • Rearrange quadratic functions and trigonometric equations?
  • Use simple trigonometry to calculate missing angles and lengths?
  • Use and interpret cumulative frequencies, including estimation of median, quartiles, percentiles?

Course aim

The course is designed to develop your maths skills up to Level 3, to give you the confidence and subject knowledge to teach learners up to Level 2, including supporting them with the academic aspects of GCSE.

Learning outcomes

Review and extend participants’ personal mathematics relating to:

  • Number and apply concepts of number to solve problems.
  • Algebra and apply concepts of algebra to solve problems.
  • Shape and space and apply concepts of shape and space to solve problems.
  • Handling data and apply concepts of handling data to solve problems.


  • Current and prospective tutors / assessors who wish to develop their personal maths skills in order to support the learning of others.
  • Participants should be able to demonstrate Level 2 mathematics (numeracy) skills during our assessment process and have some familiarity with basic algebra and trigonometry.
  • Following initial assessment, participants are expected to engage in the recommended self-study before embarking on the course.


ccConsultancy is a registered centre for Ascentis, who accredit the Level 3 Award in Mathematics for Numeracy Teaching.

Course length/ model

We have 3 different models we adopt to lead this course and we normally run courses for between 8 and 10 weeks:

  1. Face-to-face for 5 full days.
  2. Blended learning for 3 full days face-to-face, plus 3 half-day online sessions at the start and the end of the course.
  3. Online learning via a live webcam link for 5 half days plus 5 half days self study.

There is also a requirement to undertake self-study and take part in digital learning activities for all types of course.

Course fees

  • Mixed model fee (7-10 people): £4500 (£450pp with 10 people attending)
  • In-house fee (for 11 – 15 people): £6000 (£400pp with 15 people attending)

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