Level 5 Functional Skills English – pre-course activities

All readings are linked or downloadable from the course Padlet

1. Complete the ETF Professional Standards self-assessment tool

The ETF Professional Standards self-assessment Tool is available at:

Use this self-assessment activity to identify your strengths and areas for development. Note these in a personal development plan (PDP) or an individual learning plan (ILP), depending on which of these you usually use in your work.

You will use this ETF online self-evaluation to capture your English Language teaching confidence at the start and end of the course, using a five point scale. Give a fair but critical appraisal of your confidence when you complete the self-evaluation.

We have supplied a sample PDP in the module overview (see activity 2 below) in case you would like to use/ adapt it for this activity.

2. Ensure you can access the course Padlet and open the session presentation slides

3. Download (and print, if you can) R1.1, the course Reflective Diary from the Padlet:

4. Read article HO1.4 ‘Along the write lines’

5. Read the DfE report ‘Adult Participation in Learning Survey 2017’

6. From the session presentation slides, read slide 19 then follow the instruction on slide 20 ‘Activity: Rivers of Writing’ to draw your own English History. You may wish to scan this in to share during the first session.