Level 5 Functional Skills English – Session 10

Bringing it all together: creating resources and activities for Functional English

Session Outcomes

During this session, you will:

  • complete collaborative planning & development of their activities
  • present their activities to their peers
  • engage in peer review & evaluation
  • reflect on personal learning & areas for further development
  • complete a course evaluation.

Session 10 PowerPoint slides

Here is Rachel’s facilitator PowerPoint presentation slides for session 10:

Session 10 slides

Session Padlet

Here is the main course Padlet.

Post-session 10 Task

Record your reflections/action points in your Reflective Diary.

If you have expressed interest in the course accreditation, an assessor will be in touch with you shortly.

All course materials were developed as part of an ETF programme by ccConsultancy and they both should be acknowledged if any material is used on other projects.