Level 5 Functional Skills English – Session 5

Phonics for Reading and Writing

Session Outcomes

During this session, you will:

  • Explore issues around phonics approaches
  • Develop their language awareness
  • Critique techniques for teaching spelling.

Session 5 PowerPoint slides

Here is Rachel’s facilitator PowerPoint presentation slides for session 5:

Session 5 slides

Session Padlet

Here is the main course Padlet.

Pre-session 6 Tasks

Before session 6 we would like you to do the following task:

Think of a ‘critical instance’ that has happened in your teaching since the course started and think about your achievements so far.

  • How did you deal with it?
  • What are the key learning points for you so far?
  • What has resonated with your teaching?

(If no teaching has taken place since the start of the course, reflect upon your ‘takeaway’ moments instead.) 

Record your reflections in your reflective diaries. 

All course materials were developed as part of an ETF programme by ccConsultancy and they both should be acknowledged if any material is used on other projects.