Level 5 Teaching Functional Skills Mathematics – Pre-Course Activities

All readings are linked or downloadable from the course Padlet

1. Complete the ETF Professional Standards self-assessment tool

The ETF Professional Standards self-assessment Tool is available at:


The aim of ETF’s online self-evaluation is to capture your teaching confidence in Functional Skill Mathematics at the start and end of the course, using a five point scale. Please give a fair but critical appraisal of your confidence when you complete the self-evaluation. 

Once completed, you will have the option of exporting your results as a PDF document for you to analyse and record key findings in your ‘reflective diary’ for this course and any internal CPD documents.

2. Complete ETF’s Functional Skills Mathematics summative assessment tool (Maths Pathways)

The ETF Functional Skills Mathematics summative assessment tool is available at:


When you click the link, it will take you through various registration pages before you arrive at the summative assessment tool.

The aim of this exercise is for you to assess your own personal skills in core mathematical areas you are expected to cover with your learners.

Once completed, browse through the Maths Pathways ‘Learning Modules’ and complete any specific ones to improve your underpinning knowledge in mathematics. 

Again, document any core observations in your reflective diary and internal CPD documents.

3. Reflective Diary

A key requirement of this course is for you to complete a reflective diary.

This will encourage you to document any key reflections and observations about your own knowledge and skills in teaching Functional Skills Mathematics as you go through the programme.

This is a powerful, transformative tool to help you network with other delegates, share good practice with colleagues and identify areas for future development in your practice.

The reflective diary is an instrumental part of the module accreditation (optional) for this programme.

Please can you download this editable document and complete the first section (ETF Professional Standards) with your findings from the first two pre-course activities.

4. Accreditation Handbook

As part of this CPD offer, delegates have the option of completing a Level 5, 15 credit module in Teaching Functional Skills Mathematics (accredited by Ascentis) once they have completed the course.

More will be said about the accreditation in Session 1 of the course.

If this is of interest to you, please feel free to familiarise yourself with the accreditation handbook before you begin the course.

5. Padlet for the course

Here is the Padlet link for the course – a ‘one stop shop’ for all of the resources, documents, slides and links you will need for each session.


Depending on your computer processing speed, please make sure you have the Padlet viewable on your beforehand as it is used extensively throughout the sessions.

6. Security Camera Activity (before session 1)

Complete the ‘security camera activity’ and be prepared to offer feedback

7. Carol Dweck’s Growth Mindset (before session 1)

Video: Download/view the video here

As you watch, note down the key points that she makes.

         – What are the implications for your learners?

         – What are the implications for you as a teacher?

8. Growth Mindset – Quiz Questions (before session 1)

Complete the quiz questions after watching Carol Dweck’s ‘growth mindset’ video.

Download the quiz questions here.