Level 5 Teaching Functional Skills Mathematics – Session 10

Final Presentations


This session will explore the ‘fruits of labour’ from participants – the final delivery of their presentations based on an adapted or original teaching resource to promote learning in Functional Skills Mathematics. 

Session outcomes

The session will be viewed by the trainer and fellow participants who will provide supportive feedback on the presentation and offer helpful suggestions on refinement and broader application of the resource i.e. learner needs, contexts, differentiation, stretch and challenge, etc.

Session Padlet

Here is the Padlet for this session. Please refer to the tenth  column ‘Webinar 10’ to access all of the resources, documents and links for this session.

Post Session tasks to finish off this section

  1. Complete the reflective diary for session 10. Be clear about your goals from today’s content and apply any new strategies with your learners. It is advisable for participants to write a detailed post-presentation appraisal. This needs to include a personal evaluation of how well they planned and executed the delivery as well as embedding any recommendations made by the trainer and rest of the group
  2. Go through all of the Padlet/slides for this session and make sure you have fully understood all of the content. Consider using the ‘Japanese Lesson Study’ cycle with your colleagues to help you work collaboratively to find teaching solutions for your learners to fill gaps in their maths knowledge and problem solving skills.
  3. Read the Zoom saved text chat (this will be emailed to you by the trainer) and make a note of any shared links, prompts or guidance offered by the trainer and other participants.
  4. Make sure you complete the end of course survey. A link will be provided by the trainer after the completion of this session.
  5. If you decide to undertake the Ascentis L5 Teaching Functional Skills (15 credits) accreditation, please complete the registration process.  A link is available in the 1st column of the padlet to get yourself registered.  A fee is payable.
  6. As a result of completing a level 5 subject knowledge and pedagogy course in teaching Functional Skills Mathematics be sure to share the findings with your colleagues. Read through the CfBT Mathematics Lesson Studies in the padlet for further details.