Level 5 Teaching Functional Skills Mathematics – Session 9

Preparing for Summative Assessment


This session will enable participants to explore the requirements of summative assessment in Functional Skills Mathematics and how to best prepare learners for their final exams. Participants will have a better understanding of how learners’ performances are evaluated against the new, standardised criteria (2019). Various techniques and strategies will be explored to help build up a teacher’s itinerary for exam preparation for Functional Skills Maths learners; drawing a distinction between the underpinning skills alongside problem solving within the non-calculator and calculator based questions in the exam.

Session outcomes

By the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Consider common mistakes in functional skills exams
  • Explore strategies to help learners to interpret the requirements of functional skills questions
  • Consider approaches to working with functional skills exam questions and papers
  • Explore strategies to help learners explain and justify their reasoning for functional skills questions.

Session 9 PowerPoint slides

Here are the presentation slides for this session.

Session Padlet

Here is the Padlet for this session. Please refer to the ninth column ‘Webinar 9’ to access all of the resources, documents and links for this session.

Post Session tasks to finish off this section

Post Session tasks to finish off this section

  1. Complete the reflective diary for session 9. Be clear about your goals from today’s content and apply any new strategies with your learners.
  2. Go through all of the Padlet/slides for this session and make sure you have fully understood all of the content.
  3. Read the Zoom saved text chat (this will be emailed to you by the trainer) and make a note of any shared links, prompts or guidance offered by the trainer and other participants.
  4. Explore the handbooks, sample assessments and teaching/learning resources for the Functional Skills Mathematics examinations you are helping your learners prepare for. 

Activities to prepare before the next session (pre-webinar tasks for session 10)

  1. Read through the instructions for the presentation task due to session 10.

  2. Based on this session, reflect further on your planning for the presentation task in readiness for session 10. Do you think you need to add changes to your adapted/original resource? Do you feel that any of today’s content can add more refinement to your resource? Keep working on it with your other group members and seek support from your tutor as required.