Level 5 GCSE Maths – Session 8

Making Connections

Welcome to the eight session

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Apply differentiation strategies in order to meet all learners’ needs
  • Support learners in making connections: 
    • between mathematical representations and topics; 
    • between solving problems in different ways; 
    • between mathematics, vocational applications and everyday experience
  • Liaise with other professionals to identify ways to develop own practice in teaching maths.

Session 8 PowerPoint slides

Here is Julia’s facilitator PowerPoint presentation for session 8:

Session Padlet

Here is the Padlet for this session.

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Preparation for next session

Read the MEI booklet: Strategies for preparing learners for maths examinations 

Make notes of the key points & evaluate the different approaches to revision.

Download the MEI booklet here

All course materials were developed as part of an ETF programme by ccConsultancy and they both should be acknowledged if any material is used on other projects.