Transitions, Technology and Teaching

This project relates to and expands on the three ‘Ts’ of teaching, learning and assessment: Transitions, Technology and Teaching, seen as crucial to learner progression. The 4 organisations explored different transitions learners experience: School to FE, FE to employment and FE to HE, using a range of different approaches to encourage learner confidence and autonomy enabling learners to see the value of English in their journey through education.

These transitions are frequently problematic because of learners’ previous educational experiences and can prevent them from achieving their full potential. Technology was used to engage learners, provide innovative approaches to learning and give them a useful platform for further development.

Two organisations gave a realistic assessment of the use of commercially produced podcasts and compared the outcomes with learner and teacher produced resources, whilst the other institutions evaluated how their use of technology promoted more autonomous learning for both Functional Skills and Level 3 learners. Teachers used scaffolded approaches to build learners’ skills and confidence and hope to share these strategies and consider their applicability to a wider range of contexts.

Tricia Millar was the strand lead for Project 12. Read her editorial: ‘Spelling with Post-16 Phonics’

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right). You can also view their slides here.