Developing a Reading Culture

This project has focused on ways to encourage learners in post-16 settings to develop their reading. The teams identified workable approaches that help engage learners as well as give them some agency in deciding what to read and why.

Bishop Burton’s Read Anything Project aimed to let learners experience the impact of reading on their written communication.

Bolton College’s Accelerated Reading project saw the English team working closely with the Motor Vehicle Tutors in dedicated reading half hours each week to read texts online during the vocational session. These learners were chosen for the project because they struggled with reading.

Burton and South Derbyshire had Level 1 ESOL learners working with library staff once a week to read anything with the aim of developing reading skills and attainment. Learners shared what they had been reading on a Padlet.

Sue Lownsbrough was the strand lead for Project 7. Read her editorial: ‘Time to Reflect’.

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right). You can also view their slides here.