Using Technology

Lynne Taylerson mentored cluster 13 which consisted of the following 4 projects:

Introducing technology for Functional Skills maths and English: Bishop Burton and Riseholme College

This project gave us the opportunity to take a holistic approach to Functional Skills (FS) maths. We developed a blended learning environment that helped to give learners the confidence to risk being wrong, and created a hands up culture where a comfortable classroom allowed deeper thinking and discussion around misconceptions.

A flipped approach to engaging, supporting and building confidence: The Sheffield College

This project set out to investigate if a more nuanced approach to undertaking weekly electronic diagnostic assessments prior to attendance at a weekly GCSE Mathematics Resit class improved learner motivation, confidence, and their learning experience.

Using technology to motivate and engage GCSE maths learners: Basingstoke College of Technology

This project’s premise was to use an action research approach to investigate digital learning and the effectiveness of learner-led digital activities. This includes not just what programs and software work best, but also which methods and approaches engage learners most successfully. We have used technology with our learners for a number of years but we aimed to refine it, with promising results.

Using online delivery to support learning and engagement in maths: College of West Anglia

This project started with an aim to develop our team’s ability to deliver remote learning for 16-18 year olds studying Maths. As the project progressed our research aims evolved, and we report on our research into maths anxiety and misconceptions here.

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right) and read their reports below.

Introducing technology for Functional Skills maths and English

Bishop Burton and Riseholme College

Project Number: 26

Using technology to motivate and engage GCSE maths learners

Basingstoke College of Technology

Project Number: 28