Developing Writing

Sonia Thomas mentored cluster 3 which consisted of the following 2 projects:

Developing Writing: City of Liverpool College and Hopwood Hall College

This project aimed to challenge the stereotype of male learners not engaging in the process of creative writing, by removing the constraints of the old exam style pedagogy and instead introducing an alternative and encouraging environment to express thought, feelings and build confidence through the written word. We learned that creative writing which is not teacher assessed can break down barriers to young males’ expression.

Developing Writing: Sheffield Lifelong Learning
This project aimed to address the disconnect between the speaking and writing skills of many of our adult learners, particularly those from an ESOL background. The project enabled them to use innate grammar instincts, gained from their everyday use and experience of spoken English, to build stronger, clearer sentences on the page.

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right) and read their reports below.

Developing Writing

City of Liverpool College and Hopwood Hall College

Project Number: 6a

Developing Writing

Sheffield Lifelong Learning

Project Number: 6b