Assessment for Learning and Feedback / target setting

Rachel Öner mentored cluster 8 which consisted of the following 4 projects:

Assessment for Learning: Weston College

This project engaged with a nationally significant issue in prison education: how to assess the English ability of ESOL learners.

Assessment for Learning: Westminster Adult Education Service

This project actively engaged ESOL learners to stimulate intrinsic motivation so that they were able to understand and realise the relevance of maths in an applied sense, thereby enabling them to overcome some of the challenges studying the subject can pose.

Assessment for Learning: Essex ACL

This project will demonstrate the process to create a new online initial assessment tool to be used independently with all maths learners. We will share the challenges we identified and benefits of this process to both tutors and learners.

Assessment for Learning: ELATT

How can supportive tutor-learner relationships be strengthened, especially with online and blended learning? This project by ELATT devised a survey tool for tutors to elicit actionable feedback directly from learners.

Watch the group presentations at the final dissemination event by clicking play (to the right) and reading the reports below.

Assessment for Learning

Weston College

Project Number: 16a

Assessment for Learning

Westminster Adult Education Service

Project Number: 16b

Assessment for Learning

Essex ACL

Project Number: 17a

Assessment for Learning


Project Number: 17b