Online Learning Approaches

Sue Southwood (mentor)

Prior to Covid-19, three projects focusing on online learning pedagogies in the English classroom seemed forward-thinking and quite cutting edge, but the world quickly caught up as more or less all learning moved online, seemingly overnight!

UCG revised its original plan to explore synchronous and asynchronous approaches and instead focused on supporting teachers to use online tools, to think about their online classroom and how best to use a range of tools effectively for the benefit of learners.  The project created space for teachers across different campuses to meet and discuss their experiences of using specific tools and reflect on what worked and what changes they could make to support deeper learning and make the online classroom a meaningful and enjoyable experience for learners in lockdown.  This contribution to teachers’ professional practice was acknowledged by Ofsted in its 2021 report.

Shipley College and Waltham Forest College focused on building engagement in online learning.  Teachers from both colleges shared their lessons and recorded online webinars to share with each other’s students.  Students from both colleges collaborated online, reflecting on their own writing, sharing their experiences, and giving feedback on each other’s work. The results were amazing and provide a real insight into what motivates students to learn in GCSE English.

Online Learning Approaches: Shipley College and Waltham Forest College

Shipley College, Bradford and Waltham Forest College (WFC), London collaborated to use digital technology to support the progress of GCSE English re-sit students working face to face and online during lockdown 2020–2021.

Effective teaching online through reflection, collaboration, and expert input: United Colleges Group

Covid-19 lockdown led us to urgently address online teaching and learning. We established starting points and devised an intensive CPD programme to address specific areas of pedagogy and using online tools. Teachers collaborated to reflect on their learning and how they were applying it in their online classroom to improve practice.

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Online Learning Approaches

Shipley College and Waltham Forest College

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