Home Page for the North West and West Yorkshire Professional Exchange Network

ccConsultancy have been awarded a contract from the Education and Training Foundation to lead a Professional Exchange Network in the North West and West Yorkshire. The programme enables practitioners to exchange knowledge, ideas and teaching, learning and assessment approaches and collaboratively develop their practice.

We are supporting practitioners though local hubs across the area to:

  • Undertake ‘exchange activities’ (e.g. CPD, practitioner-led research, lesson study)
  • Monitor progress and identify interim outcomes
  • Refine and continue to develop
  • Share the results with colleagues from across the exchange network

What is the Professional Exchange?

The Professional Exchange project is designed to place development opportunities in the hands of teaching practitioners at a local level, creating improvements in teaching, learning and assessment, by developing systematic partnership networks that are both collaborative and equitable.

There are currently a number of ‘bottom up’ teaching movements in the world of education, and the aim of the Exchanges is to help create a similar self-improvement agenda in the sector that is driven through genuine sharing and collaboration amongst practitioners.

The Professional Exchanges are designed to help teaching staff improve their practice through sharing what they know, and to access expertise the Foundation is already using or developing in other projects.


  • Website with resources and cross-exchange activities
  • Support to undertake, e.g. practitioner-led research, supported experiments
  • CPD events – 12 half-day CPD events, e.g.
  • Digital
  • Assessment for learning
  • Embedding for vocational tutors
  • Motivation and Engagement
  • Resilience
  • Apprenticeships
  • Behaviour Management
  • Support for managers from Claire and Sue (visits and online meetings)
  • Collaborative Practice Day – 17 February 2017 (for any early findings)
  • 3 x local network meetings
  • Funding for travel, refreshments, resources, limited remission (invoice Jo Byrne at ccConsultancy)
  • Support to identify further CPD offered by the Foundation

Many of these resources are only available for PEN members via the members only page.

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