An interactive thinking tool for prison teams

Bringing teams together to promote and support rehabilitative learning in the Secure Estate

This tool was developed by Claire Collins and Dr Vicky Butterby, working alongside Dr David Powell from Huddersfield University.

The Thinking Tool includes a series of activities that you can undertake, to include:
– Mapping the educating, learning and skills activities that take place within your prison
– Understanding the dynamics of each educating, learning and skills activity within your prison, and how they relate to one another
– Exploring the practices of one activity: induction
– Exploring the practices of other educating, learning and skills activities
– Understanding the ‘sayings, doings and relatings’ of your educating, learning and skills activities
– Identify what’s shaping the activities of your prison

We also share examples and a case study from Prison 23, one from an instructional officer about ‘Job Sheet Learning’ and one about working with a group of prisoners to identify what constitutes ‘good’ prison educating, learning, and skills.

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