Embedding British Values within English Teaching, Learning and Assessment Practices

A practitioners guide with exemplar resources.

The resource (practitioner guide, activities and exemplar session plan. All with annotations) was written and designed by Claire, Chloë and Vicky on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation. Practitioners in the sector were consulted at various points during the writing process to ensure the final resources were fit for purpose. Before the final design was proofed, a draft of the resources was trialled in a variety of settings.

The purpose of this guide is to introduce how FE practitioners might embed British values within English teaching, learning and assessment practices. Additionally, you will also find a series of exemplar materials (covering Entry Level English right through to English at Level 3). At each level, we have developed a toolbox of British values inspired English activities, plus a subject-specific lesson plan that illustrates how some of these activities could be woven into everyday English lessons.

You can read more about how we developed this guide and its materials by downloading the extended practitioner guide.

These resources are currently exhibited on the ETF website and can also be downloaded below.

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“The discussion points where the students had to move to either side of the room just completely took off. My students all usually started at the same side, but as discussions developed, were moving and changing their minds. Students were googling things, developing their questioning and thinking and creating scenarios in class to aid their understanding. I even heard my students pulling over students into the discussion days later on their lunch break!”


“They tie in very well with the new functional skills reform, reinforcing use of phonics and other spelling and reading strategies, whilst developing the learners understanding and awareness of the topic. It sparked conversations and discussions with learners far beyond the depth I thought they would reach. It was a pleasure to watch.”