Prevent Duty and British Values for Adult Learners

A guide to support the embedding of British Values and the Prevent Strategy

The resources were written and developed by Claire and Chloē, working alongside LEO Learning who produced the accompanying documentary and drama videos.

The guide includes five units, each utilising either the documentary or drama video (with or without closed captions) with two additional PowerPoint resources. Each unit contains:

  • A subheading which gives the basic overview of how the unit embeds British values and Prevent duty considerations.
  • A list of extra resources required.
  • Suggested lesson objectives.
  • Areas for literacy and language focus.
  • Key words related to British values, the Prevent duty and e-safety.
  • A Challenge+ section for alternative tasks, differentiation and a sheet which shows how to use the resources if the setting has limited or no technology.
  • Activity resources for printing. Do note that most of these resources have spare boxes for you to add your own ideas and personalise the activity for your own learners.
  • Explicit and implicit (e.g. enacted during a class activity such as voting) explorations of the values. It’s up to you, the teacher, to point out the implicit actions if you feel relevant and appropriate to your class and their language level.

The units are arranged as loose lesson plans. However, they are not prescriptive and are not intended to be used directly as lesson plans. It’s very important that you pick and choose the activities that you think would work with your learners (as you know them best!) and add elements that you think would solidify the lesson for your particular class.

Please note, that some activities are intentionally provocative. This is with the intention of encouraging discussion and open dialogue. This gives your learners opportunities to actively practise tolerance, mutual respect and understanding of others’ points of view, whilst exercising their own individual liberties.

This resource is currently exhibited on the ETF website, and can also be downloaded in full via the Padlet below.

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