Shaping Success

On behalf of The Education and Training Foundation (ETF), between 2014 – 2021 we have written/ co-written a wide range of CPD courses and resources to support Maths and English delivery. The courses were for practitioners at all levels and stages of their development.

Our nationally-renowned team of course designers, sector CPD specialists, and marketing, recruitment and programme delivery specialists have worked across the ETF’s maths and English initiatives since its inception, leading/ co-designing programmes that include Maths and English ETF Online Learning modules, Assessment for Learning EPGs, English Enhancement Programme, L5 GCSE English/maths and Functional Skills CPD. Teachers tell us that the training we provide helps them to develop their knowledge and skills and also, through the modelled approaches we use, provides them with approaches that they can take into their practice. Managers say they feel confident that teachers attending the training we provide come away with an understanding of the pedagogies on which to base decisions about planning, not simply 'how to use a certain tool/ resource’.

We have written/ co-written and led courses and national development/ research with ETF since 2014 and met/exceeded every programme target to the highest standards, as testified by programme assessors, teachers and the organisations they work for.  The courses were for practitioners at all levels and stages of their development. We planned and lead high-quality courses and responded with timely flexibility when required. Our success is attributable to the excellent CPD approaches/models we developed, based on years of experience responding to sector needs and supporting the ETF/ its predecessors and other professional bodies to achieve their aims of professionalising the workforce.

We  have  extensive  experience  working  with,  and  producing,  research  that  is  both academic and practitioner led. Our CPD design draws on an evolving body of research about Maths and English development, as well as cognitive science, general effective learning and about issues faced by many learners in the post-16 sector, e.g. confidence, motivation, relevance and self-belief.

Our ever-evolving   team   of   superb   PD Leads have   prior/current   experience of teaching/training/managing in all parts of the sector, including ACLs, prisons, FE colleges and  ITPs,  as  well  as  schools  and  HE  institutions.  They  also  bring  experience  with Awarding   Organisations,   Maths and English  development/research   programmes   and   national initiatives. This diversity of expertise helps us to meet the wide range of learning needs in  the  teaching  workforce  and  take  on  board  critical  issues  that  the  sector needs  to  address,  such  as  summative  assessment  developments.  It  also  helps  us  to cross-pollinate, e.g. effective training approaches and (emerging) research findings.

As  a  team,  we  are  embedded  in  the  FE  sector  and  have  been  working  on  FE  development programmes for nearly 20 years (since 2003) and bring a deep commitment to  developing  effective  CPD  approaches  and  constantly  improving  what  we  do.  Our iterative  CPD  design  processes  are  shaped  by  academic  studies  and  the  support  we provide for practitioners research. The  sector  recognises  and  trusts  us to  develop  and  deliver  high-quality  professional development  for  their  staff  which  best  fits  their  organisational  needs.  We  can  respond quickly and imaginatively to help the sector address its professional development needs. For  example, we  responded  rapidly  to  the  Covid  19  pandemic  to  shift  a  full-day collaborative development course to an online model in two working days, then proceeded to plan a full programme of CPD open courses. Participant feedback was excellent with feedback they had learned so much and had the added value of learning how to deliver effective TLA remotely in these challenging times.

By delivering  CPD  in  a  way  that  acknowledges  the  expertise  of  many  participants,  and through  feedback  from  them,  the  approaches  demonstrated,  and  materials  used  were continually developed/ updated. We are part of a culture that celebrates teacher professionalism and expertise, and we know that this requires engaging people in many different forms of communication, community building/ activating and professional knowledge sharing.


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Statistical information drawn from the ETF’s Booking system between 2017 and 2021:

74  course programmes were written/ co-written by our team

716 courses were delivered across the sector by our team

10,436 particpants attended these courses

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