Maths and English in Prison Work and Training

A collection of innovative task-based learning approaches used in secure estate workshops.

This resource was developed Claire and Chloë alongside practitioners from HMP Kirklevington Grange, HMP Haverigg and HMP Liverpool on behalf of the Education and Training Foundation.

This resource was inspired by the innovative work carried out by HMP Kirklevington Grange and HMP Haverigg in their exploration of developing prisoners’ English and maths alongside learning vocational skills/ working practices in prison workshops and industries.

The work undertaken by HMP Haverigg and HMP Kirklevington Grange have, in turn, inspired other prisons to design their own projects and ‘job sheets’, specific to the departments and workshops within their prisons.

This workbook begins with a short explanation of task-based or ‘job sheet’ learning and how this can encourage/ support the development of maths/ English. This first section includes an overview of the work carried out in three prisons in England (adult male, Categories B – D). The following section entitled ‘Work Tasks’ includes examples of different approaches for developing workplace/ vocational and maths and English abilities developed in these prisons.

This resource is currently exhibited on the ETF website, and can also be downloaded below.


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