Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Maths and English)

We are currently running  ‘Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Maths and English) one-day courses across England. You can attend or host one of the following:

  • Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (English)
  • Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Maths)
  • Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction (Joint English and Maths)

This can be for a mixed audience or contextualised to a specific vocational area, such as construction or early years. If you would like to explore the different options, contact us.

This course is subsidised by the Education and Training Foundation through their ‘Maths and English Pipeline‘.

Course aim

Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction will help vocational practitioners (assessors, trainers and teachers) to identify and develop English and/or maths embedded in their subject area, and learn techniques to develop their learners’ confidence and abilities in maths/ English.

Practitioners attending these courses will improve their confidence to enhance learners’ English and/or maths development. By doing things in a different way, teachers can help learners improve their English and/or maths at the same time as developing vocational skills.

Learning outcomes

Follow the links below to find out more about the learning outcomes for each of the courses:



Course model

Vocational Revitaliser: an introduction are blended-learning programmes. Participants will undertake and/or access:

      • a short pre-session task;
      • a full day with other vocational practitioners, developing skills, techniques and confidence to support learners’ English and/or maths learning; and
      • online learning to develop their personal English and/or maths

Entry requirements

There are no entry requirements for this course

Course feedback

‘The best FS/GCSE/ ENG/ MATHS training ever – started teaching in 1995 so work it out – ACE’ 

‘Absolutely brilliant! I have loads of new teaching ideas and activities. Engaging and interesting all the way through.’                       

 ‘Interesting, engaging and very worthwhile. Could we have training in how to teach grammar and punctuation too please?’          

‘I was very impressed with the course I attended and you have eased a lot of my fears and misconceptions with regard to the embedding of English and Maths in my lessons’

VR delegates, Feb/ March 2016

Course fees

Your organisation can apply to host either an English, Maths or Joint English and maths* course at a time and place to suit, and at highly attractive rates.

The courses are being heavily subsidised by the Education and Training Foundation (for SfA-funded organisations and their teams).

There are three pricing options:

1. Individual fees

SET member: £85 (www.set.et-foundation.co.uk)

Non-SET member: £100 

2. Hosting 

Hosting is great value and allows you to train up to 10 delegates for the single price of £600. We will support you to fill the extra places but this is a great opportunity to work collaboratively with providers in your locality.

N.B We would need a minimum of 15 bookings to run this course.

3. In-house

Do you want to get the maximum value from your CPD budget? Why not run an in-house course at a time and venue to suit?

  • In-house course for up to 16 staff: £880
  • In-house courses for up to 32 staff: £1,700
  • In-house courses for up to 48 staff: £2,400

*Please note if you wish to hold a joint English and maths vocational revitaliser we will be staffing it with two trainers.  We will need to make sure we have a large cohort size – ideally 30 – to maximize resource and ensure a conducive learning experience as we split the group into two with half with the maths trainer, and half with the English trainer in the morning, and then a swap in the afternoon.


By taking part in our blended and personalised Vocational Revitaliser programme, we hope you are inspired to take your own English or Maths learning further. If so there are several options available to you.

You could:

Course locations

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